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Oktava ML-19
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The ML19 provides offers an extremely well-balanced frequency spectrum. Unlike traditional bi-directional ribbon mics, it delivers good HF reproduction, which gives a smooth and articulate voice to acoustic guitar, violin and voice. We have clients who particularly like these on upright bass and piano,as well.

The ML19 package we offer is as it was produced in the late 1970s & 1980s except for replacement cables and connectors. Only where necessary have the mics been completely refurbished with new ribbons and screens.


Shure SM7 - Not! Try the Oktava ML-19

...that was for announcing - not singing. For just a few bucks more than an SM7 folks can get the unidirectional ML-19 ribbon mic from Oktava. This thing sounds awesome - doesn't have a huge proximity effect you'd expect from a ribbon mic, doesn't have a HF peak, has fantastic room rejection and the top...

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NoHype Audio's new ribbon mic is out now

...thread. Ribbon mics i own: 44, 77 as mentioned, RCA Varacoustic, Altec 639, Philips rare old, modded Apex. Owned: 2 Oktava ML19, Beyer M160/320, AEA 84, N22, Reslo, probably one or two i forgot. Tried: Altec Birdcage, Jacob Boli (very special), then some of the lo-budget ones (all more 'expensive' than LRM V). Keyword re...

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M-Audio SPUTNIK vs RODE K2 (2020)

...see it mentioned people say it's suprisingly good. There's one great and very hifi Oktava ribbon mic as well called Oktava ML19, and that one is cardioid (in case you are worried abou the figure 8 pattern of most ribbons).

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