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Oktava MK-105
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The MK-105 retains the authorative lower midrange power Oktava is known for but adds some top end sparkle. The combination of the new capsule, headbasket and transformerless circuit produces a more transparent or hi-fi sound when compared to the classic transformer output coloration and soft top end of the MK-219/319.

The Capsule
The large 27.5 mm capsule with precision-drilled backplate holes in conjunction with the headbasket design produces a gentle +4dB rise from 4 kHz to 12 kHz to lend a touch of presence and air to vocal or instrument sources.

The Headbasket
Inside the headbasket, the capsule is mounted on a conical diffuser designed to reduce standing waves and smooth the capsule / headbasket system frequency response.

The Circuit
The MK-105 employs the highly regarded transformerless circuit found in one of the most widely used mics in existence – the MK-102 (over 90,000 in use worldwide) to deliver the alluring sound of direct phantom power applied to a large diaphragm capsule.

The Sound
On-axis - A carefully crafted “double peak” high frequency response provides subtle emphasis of both presence and “air” frequencies while suppressing the sibilance range. This results in a more modern or “Hi-Fi” sound when compared to the classic midrange-rich 219/319 sound but without the harsh sibilance found in many modern mics. Off-axis - Frequency response at 90 degrees resembles 0 degree response but attenuated a nominal l0dB. 180 degree rejection increases to 16dB below 2kHz but the top end over 4kHz stays just 8-10 dB or so below the on-axis response. This means the MK-105 has a very natural off-axis response out to 90 degrees with a pleasingly bright room ambience. The MK-105 excels where the recordist wants a large diaphragm cardioid mic with a musically useful proximity effect, a sparkling top end free from sibilance and a bright room ambience sound.


Oktava MK-105 (MKL5000 capsule) opinions on price/quality ratio?

well i bought a dslr camera instead - some money well spent! but still looking for opinions on the mk-105, as i still have it on my list for future investments..

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The Oktava Microphone Thread!, for me. I've used other Oktavas too, such as the 011 hand-held mid-diaphragm condenser mic that I REALLY liked, the MK-105, which is a nicely clean, clear mic with good high end, MK-102 ... a large capsule on the 012 body (interesting). Oktava Shop also sells capsules, including the one from the 319/219, which I...

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Recording mandolin

...input. Mandolin is not my specialty I just use it in an arrangement when I see fit. Definitely MK105 is off my list. 012 is not what I need. Line Audio CM4 is not going to bring more flavour. I'll probably go for a ribbon - Bayer M160 or...

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