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Oeksound Soothe
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soothe is our first release in the line of modern audio processors by oeksound. Originally designed as vocal processor, the plug-in gives you the perfect, in control, world class vocal sound you’ve been striving for, with unmatched ease.


What's your go-to for fixing harsh overheads or room mics?

+10 for oeksound Soothe. The "Delta" button allows you to hear only what the plugin is cutting (the difference/delta between the original signal and output signal). If that sounds shockingly bad then you're on the right track. Like any dynamic EQ/de-esser, it only cuts frequencies when the energy on that freq passes a threshold,...

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Tips & Tricks Thread

...of Metric Halo Channelstrip 3 (the ol' sweep around to find the annoying frequency and then notch-out method), and Oeksound Soothe. If those plugins went away, I would be very sad.

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Vertigo Sound released official VSC-3 compressor plugin!

...many nasty hard overtones to smooth out and make the sound of the section presentable, but with a little Oeksound Soothe, plus the VSE 2 & VSC 3 plugins, then out to some tape, and bam - just the right feel for the mix - lo-fi-ish, but with depth and gentleness, while retaining the...

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