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Oberheim OB-8
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The Oberheim OB-8 is an 8 voice analogue polyphonic synthesizer. It has a digital bus system, offering control over other Oberheim synths, sequencer and drummachine. It has 2 oscillators per voice (saw, pulse, triangle) a switchable 2 or 4 pole VCF with ADSR, an LFO offering triangle square, ramp, and S&H, and an 8 note arpeggiator with external sync option. The synth has 120 patch program slots in memory, 12 split programs and 12 double programs. It has external cassette storage and, if the synth is retrofitted with a MIDI option, it can do a SysEx data dump.


The UB-Xa Synthesizer a keyboard version as well, if so will it be big like the originals? You see, I have an OB8 and it's great. There is lots of space inside for a spare sandwich or two (or a burrito if that's more your thing.) The power supply keeps them nice and warm, and it's...

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The UB-Xa Synthesizer

Hi Earlevel, thank you for your message which is spot on and in line what I always stated. Cloning these products neither harms the market value of the originals nor the synth industry. On the contrary, it all creates customer awareness and this enlarges the market for everyone. Just look how passionate people are about synths which...

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New Sequential Prophet 5 and 10

I think so. I took to the OB6 a lot faster than I did to the P6. But I'd sell it immediately if Sequential decided to put out a new OB8 with a Vintage knob cooge

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