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The DMX is one of the classic drummachines. It offers 24 different sounds on 8 polyphonic voices with individual and mix output. The voices can be tuned, and there is a swing function available. The sequencer can hold 100 positions, and there are 50 songs storable. The 8 voices each have a VCA on a slider and trigger and CV in on Molex connectors. The keyboard offers 24 pads (for each sound). It has clock i/o, a trigger input, and start and next inputs. Also there is a backup to cassette tape possible. It was produced in 1980.


Which drum machines do you own?

...what I've got. I'm somewhat interested in getting a Roland TR-606, but I'm far more interested in getting an Oberheim DMX and a Linn LinnDrum (someday). Personally I love the timing of these older drum machines. I frequently compose a few patterns on the machines themselves, record them to my computer, and then...

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Drum machine combines LM-1, LM-2 Linndrum, Linn9000 and DMX

...vintage Linndrum but had an old MIDIbass that used the same chips. On furthur investigation it turned out the Oberheim DMX used a very similar circuit to the Linndrum. I've been using the Micro Linn / MX for about 2 years now so I figure its time to document the project and maby think...

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RIP Lyle Mays Feb 10th 2020

Yeah you're right I forgot about the Xpander, Wavestation & the Yamaha organs which he did use extensively. Wasn't aware of the Chroma or VL-1 either also my list didn't include any rack modules just keys. Either way having both lists here together in detail is even more definitive and just give's more credence to...

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