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Novation Nocturn
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USB MIDI Control Surface with Assignable Rotary Encoders, Crossfader, and Automap Universal 2.0


[Urgent] M-Audio Axiom 61 (2nd gen) VS Roland A-800 Pro VS ROLAND PCR-800

...and the following: Axiom (2nd gen), Oxygen 49 (2nd gen), A-800 Pro and many of Novation SL mk2 and Novation Nocturn. My conclusion is that none of these keyboards quite cut it, and it is very clear that the people who designed them don't actually use them, but out of that lot I would recommend...

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DAW and Control Surface Possibilities for Visually Impaired / Blind Persons

...fader currently being used, announce the transport keys, whether a track is armed, etc. I also use a Novation Nocturn that is a great little tool for working with plug-ins and cuts down the need of using the mouse or keyboard in those plug-ins. Unfortunately there's not a screen reading alternative for...

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MIDI controller for UAD console??

...any help. Nice app, a bit laggy with my current Elektron MIDI stuff but you'll blow the dust off some Novation Nocturn that I have to properly check this.

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