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Novation K-Station
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The Novation K-Station thread

Surprisingly we haven't had a single thread with the K-Station in the title. It arrived yesterday after about a year of hunting and has quickly become one of my favourite synths. I wonder why no one talks about it? The big sell is that it's a great-sounding knobby VA keyboard small enough to...

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Ultimate Keybed Thread(models and manufacturers listed)

...unbekannt Sub Phatty: Huaxin, Modell unbekannt Memorymoog (61): Matsu****a ESK-70 Novation Bass Station: Fatar TP/7BA Bass Station 2: Huaxin, Modell unbekannt Impulse: V-Tech (Spielzeughersteller), Modell unbekannt K-Station (25): Fatar TP/7BA KS-5 (61): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet (gekapselte Gewichte) SL Remote: Fatar TP/9S gewichtet (mit Aftertouch) Supernova (II/pro/proX (61): Fatar TP/8S, alte Version X-Station (49): Fatar TP/9S, gewichtet Oberheim OB-8 (61), altes Modell: Pratt-Read, Modell unbekannt OB-8 (61), neueres Modell:...

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Extensive Hydrasynth review.

...responsible for the sound generation and the effects) is not available as a plugin. If you were comparing a Novation K-Station with the V-Station plugin, that's a bit more fair, because the (supposedly) identical code should yield identical results. It's a testament to how much the UI of a synth contributes to the price. The...

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