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88RS Console

NEVE 88RS Console
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Since its introduction in 2001 the Neve 88R has set new standards as the ultimate analogue console.


Nebula must have

Well, AlexB is now out with his newly sampled AMS Neve 88RS (!), Cupwise has released the Roland RSE-555 delay and (hopefully) Henry is still working on his Bricasti.. Unreal. It just doesn't get much better that this boing

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When to be satisfied with what one has? cry and make threads like OP here. Also keep in mind that you can never invest in an AMS Neve 88RS too soon. Because you're going to have to get one eventually anyway, so you'd be an idiot to acquire all sorts of wrong and lousy habits mixing on something else first....

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Nebula must have

I could be wrong. But, I think that you might be confusing two of his consoles... RND 5088: AMS 88RS: RJHollins and some of the others with insider info have said that AlexB is working on MFC GE, MFD GE, and MFQ GE. I haven't tried them with the R88 console. But, Alex released a...

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