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8801 Channel Strip

NEVE 8801 Channel Strip
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The Sound of the Legendary Neve 88R Console in a Rack


**Best Channel Strip** (outboard only)

...qualities and non-qualities each one has against the other, ETC ?: 1: SSL SuperAnalogue Channel 2: SSL E-Signature Channel 3: GML 2020 Channel 4: Neve 8801 Channel 5: API 7600 Channel Please make other suggestions as well if you feel there is a better sounding and performing Outboard Channel Strip out there than the ones I have listed. THANKS SO MUCH...

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Rupert Neve Designs Announces New Shelford Channel

...refined aesthetics of this high voltage treat. kfhkhkfhkh I would love to have a pair of these to contrast my 8801's. peachh Brilliant design and presentation.

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**Best Channel Strip** (outboard only)

Resurrecting the thread: 1. Neve 8801 - all the way. The best. 2. SPL channel one - old version. Very original sounding. Old scholl "David Bowie" - like sounds are possible. 3. Focusrite ISA 430 MkII - I could never get really satisfying results with it. Either it is overdriven at some stage or...

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