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33609 J/D

NEVE 33609 J/D
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Stereo Compressor The best of both worlds: original Neve 33609 sound with enhanced I/O switching


33609 vs 2254 vs 2264

...the box (even without compression) is pure balls - lots of lovely harmonics. Its a borderline guitar amp IMO ;) The 33609JD uses a different BA340 discrete class AB amplifier. The sound is much more gentleman like, and I prefer it on piano/rhodes and mixbus. The old metal knob 33609s are a different sounding beast...

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1073 DPA vs Avalon vs Portico II vs BAE ( best preamp)

Mind you portico’s are IC based preamps. Despite having the name in their brand, the RND stuff has basically nothing to do with a 10xx series preamp, from a design standpoint (at least the portico stuff). I’m not saying that you can’t record great stuff with them, but imho are the opposite of a great deal, pretty...

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1073 DPA vs Avalon vs Portico II vs BAE ( best preamp)

Do i actually have significant results with two preamps instead of one only for vocals though? I`m aware that most people buy the pair but i`m afraid that two Portico i bit above 5k or you meant used market

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