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500 series Preamp 100% discrete 500 Series mic preamp


AMS Neve 1073lb + 1073lbEQ vs. BAE questions.

...simply bypass the input tranny when switching to line in? How does AMS claim to use the same circuit, when the 1073lb is SMT and obviously using different parts? That said, does it matter? Does the 1073lb sound close enough to you guys and gals? Is the headroom difference a huge deal to you? (I have...

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Aurora Audio new products

Hi 1. Sounds better 2. Has a fader that turns to infinity rather than +5 to -20 3. Has a 4 selection high pass filter 4. Has three LED level indicators 5. Has 10Mohm impedance DI and killer 6... It will be less expensive despite the above Does the above convince you? jkthtyrt

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NEVE 1073 DPA vs NEVE 1073 SPX

I guess the 1073LB will do if you only need one channel and no EQ

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