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1073 DPA

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The sought-after sound of the Neve 1073, minus the EQ from the classic 1073 unit, in a cost-effective stereo solution


Warm Audio WA-73 + WA-273EQ !!

Cheers mate. Great post. What are the current crop of Neve 1073 DPA like ? Would I be buying the neve sound ? Even though it's a Neve ?:lol:

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Aurora Audio new products

I do a lot of remote recording, so I'm trying to miniaturize my studio into a 6-space lunchbox. I sold my 1073DPA and bought the 1073LB about a month ago. I thought to myself, "if only there was an Aurora GTP in 500 format..." My jaw hit the floor when I saw this thread! I just...

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Neve 1073 DPA(D) - Gain / Trim balance - Setting correctly?

I hear you mate. For this reason I sold 1073 dpa and bought a module with EQ with full control of the output level. I didn't want to use in-line pads and other stuff. As far as I know, the Spx and Dpx models have full output level control. But! You can try in-line pads like...

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