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NEVE 1073
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Mono mic-pre + 3 band EQ. Fixed high frequency and fixed Q + high pass filter.

transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design)
3 EQ bands
Hand-built and hand-wired to original 1970s design
HP filter
Neve designed hand-wound transformers
Both inputs are transformer balanced and earth free
Microphone Input: Gain +80db to +20dB in 5dB steps.

Line Input: Input impedance 10k ohms, gain +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps.
Output: Maximum output is >+26dBu into 600Ω.
Output is transformer balanced and earth free
Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output
(80kHz bandwidth) into 600Ω.
Freq Response: ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz. EQ Out.


UAD v9.8 - V76 Preamplifier, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced, Diezel Herbert

To be clear, we've only ever done MKIIs of certain plugins that we felt we could improve upon using our latest techniques and methods. Please forgive our engineers and their desire to top their work from 10 years ago. :)

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Sony c100, the Neumann u87 killer?

No, it’s not the original. I have AMS Neve reissues and they are not the same as original Neve 1073‘s. AMS Neve just has the license to market it as an original Neve 1073. However, even in their discrete CH hand wired modules you can hear a difference that might be due to time,...

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Empirical Labs announces availability of its BIG FrEQ plug-in

Thanks Dave! Checked before and after on the same track in a mix with this latest beta, went from about 2.8% to 2.2% for that instance. Using latest Reaper on a mac. Also had som glitching when adding another instance before, which seems to be gone now after some brief testing! kfhkh

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