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U 67 Collector's Edition

Neumann U 67 Collector's Edition
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Introduced in 1960, the U 67 was the quintessential studio workhorse throughout the formative years of modern music. Today, more than ever, its inimitably smooth sound continues to be in high demand.

Now, for the first time in decades, Neumann’s legendary tube
microphone is back in production, built to the original specifications.


Crazy News: Neumann U67 reissue at Namm 2018

...we please please please stop quoting this supertroll? if you've read one of his posts, you've read them all. regarding the Neumann U67 reissue... Neumann is the only company that is capable of doing a spot on U67 reissue. even if it won't be 100% there, it will be the closest thing to a well kept vintage U67...

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Neumann U67 2018 reissue internal View

...made in the factory how its assembled in the factory photographs and videos please. You are asking £5,000 for the U67 reissue 2018, can you please provide videos and photographs of how its made and the assembled in the factory? Thanks

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Chandler TG or Soyuz 017 FET ?

These are not perfect as the room was not yet treated and the vocalist was both tired and uninspired. Still, dual mic setup U67 Reissue and 715: Back to the TG, lots of great samples here: High End Vocal Mic Samples

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