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M 49

Neumann M 49
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Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone

The M 49 was a multipattern large-diaphragm tube microphone with an important new innovation: the mic’s pickup pattern could be adjusted remotely, by a dial on the power supply.
Another new innovation was that the mic maintained nearly equal sensitivity and output level across patterns — unlike the U-47, for example, which was 5dB hotter in Cardioid than Omni.
Maintaining output level required a change in the polarization voltage circuitry. Whereas the U-47’s circuit would disconnect the capsule’s rear diaphragm in Cardioid mode, in the M 49 both diaphragms were always polarized — the front at a constant 60Vdc, and the rear from 0Vdc to 120Vdc. When set to Cardioid, the rear diaphragm polarization voltage was 0Vdc.


U67 sensitivity like U47

Having sang and played into well-maintained Neumann M49s, U47s, U67s, U87s, M149s, TLM103s and more - and currently owning two consecutively serial stereo pair of 1967 U67s - I can tell you this: It helps to understand the evolution of singers, microphone techniques and microphones. In the beginning singers were mostly trained to move sound and...

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Neumann M49 vs. U47 how similar/how different?

I don't have the 'originals' but I do have a pair of Flea M49's and a Flea U47. Same family of microphones but quite different: The F49 to me is sounds 'natural' but bigger than the source itself. Makes voices silky and expensive. The first time I talked into my F47 my immediate reaction was: THAT's...

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Best and worst looking mics

He might be. That's a good idea.

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