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Panorama P4

Nektar Panorama P4
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Panorama's keyboard action uses weights to offset the otherwise increasing tension you would experience from the spring. This means the down movement is as clean as possible and not heavy or fatiguing to play. We keep the down weight required within the heavy end of common standards for acoustic pianos. In addition, the dynamic range is much wider than what you experience on most controller keyboards allowing better control of both low and high velocity values. 5 velocity curves gives you choice just in case your playing style requires a different feel. Monophonic aftertouch, pitch bend and modulation wheels, plus foot switch and expression pedal jacks sets you up for performance.

Keyboard Features

  • 49 or 61 note weighted (semi-) velocity-sensitive keyboard w/aftertouch
  • 5 velocity curves plus fixed
  • Pitch bend & Modulation assignable wheels
  • Octave shift buttons
  • PB1/2 buttons
  • 4 keyboard zones programmable with controller filters and program changes
  • 5 keyboard maps store all settings

PAD Features
  • 12 pads with velocity and pressure sensitivity
  • 7 velocity curves
  • Note-learn
  • Scale mode with 30+ scales and interval setting
  • Velocity spread functions spreads the selected pad assignment over all 12 pads, at different velocity levels
  • Transpose and Octave shift in both pad-map and scale mode
  • Pads freely assignable in Reason mode
  • Load or Save to any of 20 pad maps


Roland Fantom 6- 7 -8

...recall for a snippet of a Eurorack-price. However, I had to buy a dedicated controller for it, the Nektar Panorama P4, to avoid falling back into laptop only traumas. This controller maps 98% of Reason’s stuff by default, so it does a great job embodying it with Workstation appeal.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...unambitious freedom of musical expression. And anti-software guys: Don’t panic, it is not an integrated system. My Macbook Air and Panorama P4 make a closed ITB system running Reason 11. It provides some basic tracks that are exported to my MPC One, which is the base of the rest. From here we mainly add things...

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...microkorg. Everything is not connected yet. And it is still not one system, but several: Macbook air, Reason 11 and Panorama P4 are my cable free modular system. MC909 + Bassstation 2 are one electro-minded system. Fantom 6 + Nord Lead 2 are my filmscore set up (ever since studio460 told that tv studios...

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