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Industry-standard, groovebox workflow
Sampler, arranger, mixer, effects, and more
Includes MASCHINE 2 software, instruments, and new drum synths


MASCHINE lets you effortlessly produce beats, melodies, and harmonies with powerful drum synths, premium sounds, an integrated sampler, and more – cutting-edge software meets intuitive hardware for ultra-smooth workflow.


MASCHINE’s multi-color pads provide ultimate feel in the thick of the beat. Dedicated group buttons and a master push encoder deliver hands-on control of sounds and key parameters. And eight display knobs automatically map to key instrument parameters for on-the-fly, two-handed tweaking and sound shaping


MPC live

...judge a release after its released. These problems are caused by Logic. Not the MPC plug in. Most integration problems (also for NI Maschine, Overbridge, etc.) are caused by the DAW's not allowing certains messages to be sent, or use own formats (regions etc) and ask money if a plug in wants to use it.

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Analog Obsession releases two new plugins! (Windows AAX support)

...(!!) of demoing VariMoon I noticed the GR metering is broken. Needle gets stuck. Reaper Windows 8.1. Metering works in NI Maschine. 2) Compression behavior is pumpy and weird in Reaper (windows 8.1). Works ok in NI Maschine standalone but again broken when run within Reaper. Weird bug. 3) 3D rendering is done on-the-cheap and thus...

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