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The MB33 Retro is manufactured completely in Germany, including assembly, mounting, casing, print and packaging – which is something, we are particularily proud of.

My thanks go to Hans Thomann and Bernd Siegismund from Musikhaus Thomann and Hari Rupp from the Music Store in Cologne, without whom this project would not have been possible. Thanks also to Artur Grönke and Harry Brandes, both of which have contributed greatly to the development of the MB33.

As with all analog devices the tolerance within the individual components is different from each other. Thus each MB33 is unique and always sounds somewhat different. This is what makes up a large part of the appeal for analogue instruments. Thus creating a much smaller device due to the SMD construction, it still contains all relevant components of the original.

The MB33 Retro was, like his predecessor, developed by Dipl.Ing. Stefan Schmidt.

Stefan Schmidt is one of the best engineers worldwide in this field , emphasized by building his own synthesizer „Schmidt“, a high-end synthesizer, used in all the top studios in the world. As with the original it was despensed of the on-off switch, since the power supply consumes almost 20 times more electricity than the MB33 by itself.


MAM MB33 Retro "Analog Bass Synthesizer Expander"

Just went up on Thomann: MAM MB33 Retro - Thomann UK So is this a desktop version of the old MB33, or a new design? Hmm.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...Digitakt up to the right of the Juno-60. originally there was a x0xb0x there but i now use a MAM MB33 Retro and an Arturia Keystep for my acid lines, and they are underneath the modular. Moog format is more fun. i use eurorack at times though, when i need to play a gig without pulling...

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Basic Set Up for Acidcore a restart, regardless it's in the past now :) As for acidcore on a 1k budget. Model samples Two mb33 retro or two td3 2 to 4 cheap OD or disto pedals, behringer od800 or similar , TC dark matter etc Arguably a Couple cheap delay pedals which can be found for 25quid...

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