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MOTU 828mkII
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The 828mkII is a computer-based hard disk recording system for Mac OS and Windows that offers 20 inputs and 22 outputs at any standard sample rate up to 96kHz. All inputs and outputs can be accessed simultaneously. The 828mkII consists of a standard 19-inch, singlespace, rackmountable I/O unit that connects directly to a computer via a standard IEEE 1394 FireWire™ cable.


The Ultimate Converter DA/AD Loopback Shootout Thread!

The apollo still did well here especially in the RMAA test. You'd have to try one out though and objectively demo it against the 828mk2. @johntron - not yet. Been busy. Tomorrow should be doable.

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Gear Porn thread - pics of your slutty setups

...ProX and ProTools. (to many plugs to mention - but in general, the usual suspects) SSL Nucleus - running my Motu 828mk2 & 3. Alesis Monitor 1 (yes - crappy Monitor 1s) Other USB stuff - Launchpad Pro (tbh used more as a light as I just can't get in to Ableton) MIDI handled my Unitor 8. Sooo, hardware...

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Akai.Sys in Virtualbox on OSX

...and I have managed to install and run Akai.sys.. But here comes the problem My midi is handled by a MOTU 828mk2 installed on the OSX system, As far as I know it isnt able to be used by the virtual machine windows system, Does anyone have a clue how I could send midi out...

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