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MOTU 1248
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The 1248 Thunderbolt Audio Interface provides industry-leading dynamic range and large console style mixing with 48 channels and 12 stereo busses and 66 channels of audio (32X34 I/O), plus it supports USB 2.0 connectivity that is USB 3.0 compatible.

The 1248 Thunderbolt Audio Interface has built-in powerful DSP delivering 32-bit floating point mixing and effects, including modeled analog EQ, vintage compression and classic reverb. The unit's extensive routing grid patches ins to outs, or splits inputs to multiple destinations.

Use the 1248 as a stand-alone mixer and control everything from the 1248's innovative web app running on your iPad, iPhone, tablet, smart phone, and laptop. Connect a second MOTU AVB interface with a simple Ethernet cable. Add more I/O with the MOTU AVB Switch (sold separately).

Build an AVB audio network with multiple switches and sub-millisecond latency, even over long cable runs. Stream hundreds of channels among devices and computers on the network.

Control on-board DSP, mixing, settings, and network audio routing from web app software running in your favorite browser on a laptop, tablet or smart phone connected by wire or Wi-Fi to your local area network.

Control mixing & FX from your mobile device, without a computer. Connect an Apple Airport or other Wi-Fi router directly to the 1248 with a standard Ethernet cable. Great for live sound mixing.


MOTU 1248, 8M, 16A Thunderbolt interface

1248, Seirra, and Logic Pro X here. Thunderbolt connection No issues. Logic reports the same latency as it did in 10.11 (2.2ms RTL at 64 buffer)

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IK Multimedia releases T-RackS Space Delay plug-in

...mix! I have a some examples here comparing IK Space Delay, Audio Thing's Outer Space, and my RE201 (conversion is Motu 1248 clocked off a Big Ben at 44.1). This is not meant to be exact, though I did try to match the settings as closely as possible, and the volumes as well - feel free...

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Solid State Logic launches SSL 2 and SSL 2+ Audio Interfaces

...the bigger MOTU that I use in my home studio. The 828ES littery isn't all that different from their flagship 1248. The SSL2 did seem to have slighty better separation but not much. The converters just doesn't have the high head room like the M4 that you can use with outboard gear for Hybrid Mixing...

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