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Moog Music is incredibly honored that The Slim Phatty received the TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement - Musical Instrument - Technology/Hardware.

Based on the powerful Little Phatty sound engine, the Slim Phatty is the latest descendant of the iconic Minimoog Model D and features the classic Moog Ladder Filter, the touchstone of analog sound design.

In addition to shaping the sound of its on-board oscillators, the Slim Phatty's filter is a valuable production tool that can be used to process external audio, sweetening your favorite audio source with everything from smooth analog warmth through wet, resonant filter sweeps.

The Slim Phatty's convenient size makes it an ideal voice expander for your existing gear, with two oscillators of massive Moog sound that are always just a MIDI cable away. A new Tuning Scale feature and editor allows easy exploration of alternate scales and tunings. Microtonal, just intonation, quarter-tone, world music scales and more make the Slim Phatty an international traveler. Good thing it has a universal power supply!

In addition to the world of MIDI and USB gear, the Slim Phatty's Control Voltage inputs give it unlimited realms of expression and sound design possibilities. "Modular synth" style patching with Moogerfooger effects processors, the CP-251 Control Voltage Processor and other Moog synths (even The Moog Guitar!) creates soundscapes previously available only on large modular systems. Connecting to the Etherwave Plus Control Voltage Theremin or the MP-201 Multi-Pedal adds unique and intuitive new modes of expression.


Behringer Mini model D? A good idea?

You don't like the buttons on your Deepmind? The Slim Phatty had plenty of lights but still looked great IMO, particularly when arranged in a polyphonic tower of sci-fi equipment:

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Behringer Model D it better than my Sub 37. I paid 5 times more for that. I like it better than the slim phatty I used to own. I paid 2.5 times more for that one. I like how I can interconnect the D with my Roland System 500 and Mother 32 setup. I paid $299....

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What gear are you thinking about selling next, and why?

Atta boy. Having the Fantom has made me clear out almost everything, too. My perfect rig at this point would be the Fantom, Pro 3 and PolyBrute. If you can’t get ‘er done with that, then you just can’t get ‘er done. kfhkh

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