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Minimoog Voyager PE

Moog Minimoog Voyager PE
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The Minimoog Voyager is the crowning achievement of synthesizer pioneer, Dr. Robert Moog. Originally released in 2002, it stands alone as the world's most iconic analog synthesizer. The Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition fuses legendary Minimoog sound and looks with modern features

The Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition is a handcrafted, all-analog performance synthesizer that incorporates the features and incredible sonic range of the original Minimoog, while adding a vast number of new functional improvements to its design. And just like the original Minimoog, the Minimoog Voyager was designed and brought to life by synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog.

The Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition is the traditional Minimoog Voyager. It is housed in a rugged steel chassis that is secured in a stunning, custom finished ash cabinet. It is fitted with a top of the line, 44-key Fatar keybed and comes stock with cool grey pitch/mod wheels. *Blue Pitch and Mod Wheels (pictured) are available as an upgrade ($99).

Features include:

• 100% Analog Signal Path

• 3 Ultra-Stable Oscillators

• 2 Legendary Moog Ladder Filters

• 2 Four-Stage Analog Envelope Generators

• 2 Flexible Modulation Busses

• Assignable X/Y/A Touch Control Interface

• Over 800 Onboard Presets

• CV/Gate Expansion Port


Help me rank some synths

Hi all, I currently have the following hardware synths: Access Virus TI2 keyboard Clavia Nord Lead 2X Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition Roland Jupiter-4 Roland SH-2 (this one is on the way actually so haven't played it yet) Waldorf Q+ Phoenix Edition I was thinking about if I ever had to get rid of one or two, which it would be,...

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Moog Voyager 'The Last Voyage"

I've had my Voyager Performer since 2004 and I'll never part with it. It's a great sounding mono-synth and does all the things Minimoogs are known for. It's versatile too and you can run drums and other synths thru the filter for sculpting sounds. If you want to hear the Voyager in all it's glory...

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