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Little Phatty Stage II

Moog Little Phatty Stage II
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Like the Stage and Tribute Edition before it, the Little Phatty Stage II puts the performer in control of a 100% analog signal path, two ultra stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators, a Voltage Controlled Filter and other versatile features like an external audio input, CV and KB gate inputs and a full MIDI controller.

Additionally, the Stage II boasts great new features including; MIDI over USB, MIDI Clock Sync, an Arpeggiator, Tap Tempo and a stylish New Black Finish.

The addition of MIDI over USB makes this performance and sound sculpting tool even more powerful. Combined with its warm analog sound, ability to process external audio and its intuitive performance, sound design and control features, the Stage II makes a great addition to any rig... from full-on analog, to a laptop/softsynth setup. You can also connect it directly to a computer running the Little Phatty Editor/Librarian.

MIDI Clock Sync allows you to synchronize the LFO and arpeggiator rate to the tempo of your MIDI sequencer, drum machine or software. Sample and hold, triangle, square, sawtooth and ramp wave modulations can now be perfectly timed with your rhythm tracks and the arpeggiator.

The arpeggiator is a great new performance feature with applications for musicians in all genres. Its wide variety of uses is sure to find a place in any style, and of course it also syncs to MIDI clock. Tap Tempo brings LFO and arpeggiator tempo sync functionality to situations in which there is no MIDI clock.

The distinctive new black finish is a real eye-catcher that emphasizes the unique new nature of the Little Phatty Stage II.


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2x same synthesizer

Try Polythemus on iOS. Much better/more versatile than the Moog polychain.

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