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Mojave Audio MA-100SP
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Stereo pair of MA-100 small diaphragm tube condenser mics with interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules


converters or everything else

...I think I'll hold on to it. Any suggestions for a nicer pair of SDC though? I've used Mojave Audio MA-100SP before, and I loved them, but I'm not sure I need to drop half my budget on them.

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SDC Mic Comparison - Drum Overheads - @EBS Melbourne

...Single - Gefell M582 M94 capsule Stereo Pair - JZ BT-201 Stereo Pair - LineAudio CM3 Stereo Pair - Mercenary KM69 Stereo Pair - Mojave MA-100 Stereo Pair - Neumann U64 Single - Neumann KM54 Stereo Pair - Neumann KM56 Stereo Pair - Neumann KM74 Stereo Pair - Neumann KM84 Stereo Pair - Schoeps CMC5 MK21 capsule Stereo Pair - Strasser CM060 Single ** ALL RESULTS CAN...

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What is Your Recording Strategy for Jazz?

Here's my plan, for those of you who were curious about the gear: STEREO MIC MA-100SP SDC tube mics in a Jecklin disc Langevin dual mono mic pre SAX MA-200 LDC tube mic ADL600 tube pre Manley ELOP DOUBLE BASS Studio Projects C1 cheap LDC tube mic LA-610 pre and compressor E GUITAR SM57 ADL600 tube pre Manley ELOP (DI also directly into my UA Apollo)

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