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Pianoteq 6 PRO

MODARTT Pianoteq 6 PRO
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Pianoteq PRO is the ultimate product for professional composers and recording studios, and has proved to be an indispensable tool in many recording projects - from movie soundtracks and tv commercials to the latest hit songs.

By being physically modelled, Pianoteq PRO brings you an extremely sophisticated tool for sound shaping and instrument creation, letting you create your own unique sounds that will enrich your projects. The PRO version works with internal sample rates up to 192 Khz. By using its powerful Note Edit feature, you are able to adjust physical parameters for specific ranges, and even note by note. You can also turn any Pianoteq instrument into a multi-instrument by using advanced keyboard splits for up to 105 notes (concerns instruments with extended octave range).


Best Piano Vst?

NI Grandeur has been my go to but Pianoteq 6 Pro has really surprised me. I’m pretty torn between these two now. I find this seriously impressive as Grandier is my favourite sampled piano library!

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May 2020 New Gear Thread

...almost done with my "Joy Division" gear collection that I started years ago! :) I'm waiting for a Hooky Bass 6 Pro from Eastwood that should arrive next month, and then I think I have all the "must-have" Joy Division gear items... I think the last item I'd need after this is an ARP...

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Extensive Hydrasynth review.

...if you wish (Guitar Rig 6 Pro might do the trick; we’ll see in a few weeks). So I don’t take that as a given, either. The risk with digital synths, from DX7 and D50 onward, Synclavier or Fairlight CMI, and even Quantum, and Pigments and Hydrasynth, too, is that it takes awhile to learn...

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