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Millennia HV-3R
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8-channel Remote-controllable Preamp Remote-controllable version of the HV-3D-8 offering Ethernet control with PC software interface and MIDI control for plug-and-play with Pro Tools HD


Rupert Neve Designs RMP - D8 8 Channel Remote Mic Pre

There are mic pres that can do this already. The DAD AX32, Grace Designs m802, and Millenia HV-3R for instance. There are other companies too. RND hasn’t specified the remote control side of this. Would be cool if it could do the same. Would be the first non-clean/transparent style amp I can think of...

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AMS Neve announces 1073 OPX Octal Microphone/Line/Instrument Preamplifier

... As I was looking for this type of product already, I had narrowed down the main options to: - Millennia HV-3R $5002.99 - Grace Design m108 $3225.00 - Rupert Neve Designs RMP-D8 $5995.00 - Focusrite Rednet MP8R $3299.99 So the 1073 OPX is quite competitively priced in the middle of the pack. All of these products have different...

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BeesNeez BU87i C

Sounds dull and honky. It is smooth though. But where's all the top end? Where's clarity and sparkle? Doesn't sound like a u87 to me at all. Same thing here. Maybe I'm missing something here. Do any of you have a proper u87/b87 to do a proper a/b?

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