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Masterlab DynaQ
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Filtering and sound shaping is essential, when it comes to balance out recordings, fitting signals into the mix or doing creative sound design. But what might be great for the loud part of the signal, is not necessarily good for the quiet part and reverse. Dynamic EQs are around for quite a while and are doing a great job on dynamic selective filtering. On the other hand, dynamic EQs can be a little bit difficult to understand, especially when it comes to below and above the dynamic threshold of the processing and it is also hard to deal with complex filter curves. Therefore, we invented a complete new but very simple approach to dynamic selective processing. This not only allows to add complex filtering curves very fast, but also analog style saturation and stereo widening. We call it Dynamic Split Processing


Masterlab Audio DynaQ

Hi, I am Andre and part of the Masterlab Audio development team. I would like to introduce DynaQ, a dynamic EQ with some kind of new approach on dynamic filtering. Unlike other dynamic filters, DynaQ splits the signal into above and below threshold, both paths can be filtered and processed independently. PlugIn Format: VST2, VST3, AU AAX...

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Masterlab Audio's DynaQ review in German Studio Magazin

Sorry, but that's not the idea behind DynaQ at all. While you could use it as a compressor, when setting Balance to 100% Below, it is not the task we made it for, so comparing it to the fantastic Kotelnikov is somewhat flawed. Even comparing it to a dynamic EQ is not doing justice. Right at the...

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Masterlab Audio DynaQ

Hey, just would like to let you know, that we have FRIST ANNIVERSARY rockout :guitarjam: :) Many thanks to all the supporters out there!! And for a short time, DynaQ Sale is on, for 50%: All the best, Andre

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