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Big Knob Studio Plus

Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus
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Comprehensive Monitoring and Recording Solution for Any Studio

Combining comprehensive control over your studio monitors with a high-resolution USB audio interface, the Mackie Big Knob Studio+ delivers big value for project studios. Dedicated buttons allow you to switch between four input sources and three pairs of speakers, with trim controls on the speaker outputs to balance volume between sets of monitors. And with two Onyx mic preamps onboard, two headphone outputs, and Talkback functionality, the Mackie Big Knob Studio+ monitor controller and interface is a complete monitoring and recording solution.

There's a lot you can do with the Mackie Big Knob Studio+. As an audio interface, you can record two channels of 24-bit/192kHz audio courtesy of dual Onyx mic preamps. A Direct Monitoring option allows for no-latency recording, and built-in headphone outs are ready for artist monitoring. If you're like Sweetwater recording engineers, you know the importance of reliable studio communication. With built-in talkback functionality, you'll be able to communicate easily with your artists. A stereo aux input on the front panel makes it easy for artists to plug in a music player to hear a reference track. And of course, you have complete control over input source and monitor switching. For the cost of a typical USB audio interface, the Mackie Big Knob Studio+ offers much more.

Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Monitor Controller/USB Audio Interface Features:
Studio monitor controller and USB audio interface
Dual Onyx preamps for recording high-fidelity, low-noise audio
Easily switch between four input sources and three monitor pairs
Trim controls allow you to balance the volume of different pairs of monitors
Talkback for communicating with artists
Headphone outputs for artist monitoring
Stereo aux input for connecting music player for reference tracks
Large volume knob for easy level adjustments
Handy buttons for Mono, Mute, and Dim
Dedicated amp-driven Studio Out for headphone distribution systems


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Purchased this to complement another thingy, the JBL 705Ps I recently got. I previously used the old Mackie Big Knob Studio Plus. Before that a Samson CUE something or other. Man I feel like I was really slumming it nowadays! I thought the Mackie was okay, even though everyone detests it. No complaints really...

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