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Mackie 24.8-Bus
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24 Channel Mixer


Mixing Desk on Budget

...researches and I looked the Soundtracs mixers like the topaz 8 and the PC MIDI 24. also I looked at the Mackie 24:8:2 main questions: 1 - what do you think of the above ones? 2 - is there any other models you would advice? 3 - do you know some place/shop/website where to look for this kind of...

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VTP 1 Mic preamp + EQ

I had one of these to match my ADAT and Mackie 24:8 back in the day and liked it. I bought another maybe 10 years ago and gave it to a friend. They were made in USA by some other company (IVL or something, I forget). Back in the day it sounded better than the...

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Mixer hell!!!

I have a mackie 24:8 and a tascam 688. I run the send fx returns to their own channels on the mackie instead of the return. Because of this I can select any channels I want to be on whichever bus I want with a push of a button, including fx returns. Then I...

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