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Show us your mixes/setups! Low budgets only!

Mics Oktava MK-319, MXL V67g, Rode NT-1a, Studio Projects B1, SE 1000, T.Bone RM700 Pres Art MPA Gold, M-Audio Tampa, M-Audio DMP3, Yamaha MLA7 x4 Other Hardware Tannoy Reveal 8D monitors, M-Audio Keystation 88ES, T.Bone MicScreen, Yamaha GC2020B, SM Pro Audio M-Patch2, Korg Pad Kontrol, Behringer Powerplay HA-4700, Behringer BTR-2000 Computer / Interface Carillon Audio PC - Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz,...

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Recommend a PreAmp

I would maybe look for a used Focusrite ISA one. I love focusrite products and this preamp is no exception. Or look for a used M-audio Tampa. In that price range, I think both of those products are great.

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I’ve owned so many preamps....

How often do you hear a sound and think "I'd really like that to be more muddy." Honest question, since I usually think of muddy as something to be avoided. Also, is that a reference to the Tampa or one of the other pres?

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