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M-Audio Sputnik
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Experience Vivid Vacuum Tube Warmth
Infuse your recordings with the lush, classic sound of a rare, vintage mic using the extraordinary Sputnik vacuum tube microphone from M-Audio®. Equipped with a military-grade vacuum tube, Sputnik delivers an open, ultra-clean, and uncolored sound. This 6205M pentode tube is wired as a triode and features an inverted, socketless mount for improved audio integrity. Inside, the evaporated-gold diaphragm captures every detail. The head amp offers superior transient response and can be pushed to exhibit graceful overload characteristics. Three selectable polar patterns and a tuned brass backplate allow Sputnik to provide outstanding performance in any application. Tailor the response to match your needs using the switchable 10 dB pad and 80 Hz high-pass filter. This premium package comes complete with a dedicated power supply and seven-pin cable, shock mount, soft bag, and custom flight case.


Drum Mic Madness!!!!

...are in fig8 mode. Here's the 5 candidates: In no particular order: Neumann U87 Fig8, Gefell UM70 Fig8, M-Audio Sputnik Fig8, AKG C414B-ULS Fig8, Groove Tubes AM62 Fig8 HI REZ WAV LO REZ MP3 --- THE KEY TO WHICH MICS ARE WHICH RESIDE IN POST # 76 OF THIS THREAD. HAPPY LISTENING!!!

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Roland Boutique - Three new Roland synth products??

...M-Audio as an example, we had some things that were more popular here (like the Project Mix I/O and the Sputnik mic, our two most expensive items) and things that were more popular in Europe (Midisport 2x2.) And nowhere did I say the Moog Sub 37 is selling 5 times more than everything else! WTF?...

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M-Audio Sputnik Mic power supply needs repair...advice?

I don't doubt that anyone that repairs electronics could get it done. There probably isn't anything too complex inside that box. I assume you checked the fuse.

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