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Pulsar II

M-Audio Pulsar II
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M-Audio Pulsar II matched pair, cardioid instrument microphone, set with 2 microphones, switchable -10db pad and 80Hz low-cut, thomann 134db (144db with pad) max SPL and a solid brass backplate. 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, 3/4" diameter 6-micron evaporated-gold diaphragm, 3-pin XLR (48V phantom powered), perfect for acoustic instruments like guitars, piano, strings, brass, and woodwinds, also great for percussion and drum overheads, includes thomann 2 mics, wooden storage box, wind screen, and mic-clip mount.


What's wrong with M- Audio?

I was just about to post what actually happened to M-Audio, but you beat me to it and nailed it on the head, so... quoted for truth! I use to work at M-Audio; started when they were Midiman, was there for the name change to M-Audio and was there when Avid bought them and we...

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MAAT Completes Trilogy With New LP EQ: thEQred

I get it, but I bought the Red and Orange days before they switched the subscription policy to include both plugins. Thats not cool. And no I didn't buy these plugins as an investment. I bought them thinking it was the smart decision (vs subscribing to both individually) only to have them make me...

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Small condenser with good isolation?

...They needn't be expensive as even very affordable models from brands like iSK are surprisingly good. I have an M-Audio Pulsar II here that was not much more expensive and is really good. There are small dia condensers around that are super-cardoid (like the iSK CM-20C) ... however ... I think your secret weapon here...

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