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ProFire 2626

M-Audio ProFire 2626
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Building on a legacy of award-winning FireWire audio interfaces, the M-Audio ProFire™ 2626 brings next-generation performance to your PC or Mac host-based recording system. This powerful interface delivers 26 x 26 simultaneous I/O, complete with an onboard DSP mixer sourced from up to 52 audio streams. It features every kind of connection you need—including award-winning Octane™ preamp technology on all eight analog inputs, ADAT, S/PDIF, word clock and MIDI. Critically acclaimed JetPLL jitter elimination technology ensures pristine audio quality and reliable synchronization all the way up to high-definition 24-bit/192kHz resolution. In addition, ProFire 2626 offers easy FireWire connectivity, extremely low latency, dual headphone outputs, front-panel ¼” instrument inputs and standalone operation.


  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz for high-definition audio
  • Eight analog inputs sourced from eight XLR mic inputs with phantom power, eight ¼” TRS balanced line inputs, and two ¼” TS instrument inputs
  • Optical I/O in the form of 2 x 2 S/PDIF (on optical port B) or 16 x
  • 16 ADAT (8 x 8 in S/MUX II mode, 4 x 4 in S/MUX IV mode)
  • 2 x 2 coaxial S/PDIF (via included breakout cable)
  • Eight ¼” TRS balanced line outputs
  • Two ¼” TRS headphone outputs
  • 1 x 1 MIDI I/O (via included breakout cable)
  • Word clock I/O (via included breakout cable)
  • Eight preamps with award-winning Octane technology
  • User-assignable master volume knob
  • Standalone eight mic pre/eight-channel A/D-D/A converter
  • JetPLL jitter elimination technology
  • Sync options include internal clock, ADAT optical, S/PDIF and word clock
  • Compatible with most popular DAWs
  • Compatible with major audio software including Pro Tools*, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Live and GarageBand


Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker

...(JonasNorberg) 0.2dB (L) 0.2dB (R)..Corr Depth: 24,5 dB (L), 26,2 dB (R) Difference*: -44.9 dBFS (L), -46.4 dBFS (R) M-Audio Profire 2626 (cylens) -0.5 dB (L), -0.5 dB (R)..Corr Depth: 24,4 dB (L), 25,9 dB (R) Difference*: -44.8 dBFS (L), -46.1 dBFS (R) ESI ESP1010 (Agustin Mongelli) -0,2 dB (L), -0,2 dB (R) Corr Depth: 24,0...

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So I Compared Some Tape Machines and Emulations (No Blind Tests, just Data!)

...emulations, I used ADAT to connect digitally to another computer with an M-audio Profire 2626 interface (in slave mode) running the plug-ins in Logic (since Reelbus is AU only). The sample rate for everything was 44.1kHz since that still is what I, my colleagues and most of you guys use in your productions. All...

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Behringer ADA8200 - How disappointing

...stock, Sweetwater doesn't. Dynamic Range of 103 dB, A-weighted. Equal to a Motu 2408 mk2. Not super far off the 2408 mk3, Profire 2626, Pro-40 or Octapre Dynamic, at 110. Not in the same league as a Motu HD-192 at 120. Dynamic Range itself is not a that useful a spec, as you're unlikely to find sources that...

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