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Can someone explain to me what super/hyper cardioid mics are designed for?

...a booth and in an untreated room. On the market for new budget condenser to upgrade from my M-Audio NOVA. So should I go super/hyper cardiod? And I'm not too picky but I hope my vocals will still come out nice and sweet on these patterns? P.S. Am also thinking about...

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Which tube mics > $600 do you prefer?

...low cost Chinese capsule mics that I have are the AKG Perceptions, the Lewitts, a Miktek MK300, and a M-audio Nova that my son gave me as a birthday gift 8 or 10 years ago. None of those really suck though either at least from my perspective. I did like the AA mic...

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Condenser Mic Noise Issue

...might be any number of issues from grounding problems, to preamp noise. However, I received a new mic today (M-Audio Nova Condenser) and with the exact same chain and equipment all the noise went away. I'm curious if anyone might have any thoughts on what might be behind all the noise and if there is...

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