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M-Audio BX8a
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Any recent opinions regarding M Audio DSM Monitors?

Believe it or not I have a new pair of BX8a, not the new d2.. I used to dislike the bottom end because it was to much (low end). Well I bought them again and I use them to monitor my low end at the end of a mix. A year ago to now......

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Klein & Hummel o300 DISSAPOINTED

...mission hi-fi speakers plugged into a Denon amplifier. Now a producer friend of mine had a pair of M-Audio BX8A (MK1) monitors, and at the time I thought they sounded pretty good!, more detail more power etc. Then I made the jump from the Missions to a pair of Dynaudio BM6A MK1, which I...

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IK Multimedia unveils iLoud MTM reference monitor

...that will give me almost 180 degree angle, which i believe will ruin stereo imaging. I currently have old M-Audio BX8a speakers which are on the sides and i want to put the MTM's behind PC screens on some stands so the MTM's will point to my head from greater height that my ears...

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