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Lynx Studio Technology AES16e
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The AES16e offers 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O. In addition to the base model, the AES16e-SRC includes sixteen channels of sample rate conversion and AES16e-50 will provide up to 32 additional digital inputs/outputs via AES50 technology.

The AES16e builds on the capabilities of our industry-standard AES16 with an updated feature set and the benefits of the PCI Express interface. The architecture and higher bandwidth of PCI Express reduces bottlenecks and overhead, which provides higher performance for computer-based high end audio.

The AES16e x1 PCI Express card provides 16 channels of 24-bit AES/EBU digital audio at a 192 kHz sample rate in both single-wire and dual-wire AES modes. Designed to integrate digital consoles, multi-channel A/D and D/A converters, hard disk recorders, digital audio workstations and other digital audio equipment, the AES16e is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The AES16e-SRC provides 16 channels of sample rate conversion, which may be switched on for any or all of the 8 digital inputs.


Audio Interface - Low Latency Performance Data Base

Cool Stuff. I'd love to see Metric Halo, Apogee/Duet etc. and def the Lynx AES16e. Thumbs up.

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Antelope Audio Pure2 AD/DA Review I felt it was a step down, so I reverted back to using the AES connections with the Lynx AES16e. Headphone Amp While I was doing this test I also tried the headphone amp in the Pure2 using a set of Sennheiser HD600's. Usually I use the excellent headphone amp in the Studer A807,...

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Neve 8816: The Real Test

...Lynx as well as AMS Neve in regards to setting up the unit. Lynx were not sure and AMS no reply... Specs: Lynx AES16e + Aurora 8 AMS Neve + 25pin HD to 25pin cable 3 pairs of monitors Preamps and stuff PC Windows 7/ Cubase 10.5/Mixbus/Ableton Any insights on how to make this easier integration?

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