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Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet
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The Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet is a unique collaborative effort between Louder Than Liftoff and industry veteran, drBill, that marries drBill’s vintage Tone-Amp™ experimentations with Louder Than Liftoff’s modern design approach and aesthetic. This labor of love offers a first-of-its-kind analog topology and workflow that is designed for, and easily integrated into the modern DAW-based producer, engineer, or composer’s studio. The Silver Bullet was designed to enhance and shape tracks to sound “like a record” during every phase of audio production – from composition to the final mixdown.

The Silver Bullet represents a new, innovative class of hardware designed to infuse missing analog mojo into your digital world. MOJO Amps capturing the vibe of vintage American and British consoles are coupled with a musical results-driven set of tone shaping features. Together they create a Tone-Amp™ capable of handling all mixing, tracking, and microphone preamp duties.

Integrated signal routing functionality not only enhances creativity and workflow, but also makes the Silver Bullet a single unit solution for the modern hybrid studio.


Airwindows Slew3: Mac/Windows/Linux AU/VST I'm pretty sure I have it tamed to where it won't do anything crazy, but is it really the silver bullet? I guess we'll find out together. This, like my work on Capacitor2, will be very useful going forward and there's more work to be done. My work's supported by Patreon, which means the...

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Overstayer M-A-S vs ??

...Bass if quality is there. Also, is this something that may benefit living in the insert path of the Silver Bullet? Or for those using both does it seem to fit better after? Looks like there are no holiday deals on this this year, or many in stock for that matter, but it’s in my...

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