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Redeye 3D Phantom

Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom
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The Red Eye 3D phantom is the new improved major revision of the popular Little Labs Redeye direct box / re-amp box. More people are re-amping now than ever before, and we at Little Labs know re-amping! We made this new major Redeye revision because we wanted to make sure we continued to make the best sounding, most flexible, easiest to use, and reasonably priced re-amping and direct box product available.

For easy accurate re-amping the Redeye 3D lets you listen thru your whole recording chain, from Redeye 3D direct box, to mic pre to DAW (or tape machine), to Redeye 3D Re-amp, to your guitar amp. In DI (direct box) mode the instrument / re-amp out on the front of the Redeye 3D works as a thru signal so you can simultaneously feed your guitar amp while supplying a signal from the rear xlr to your mic pre and DAW or tape machine. In re-amp mode the instrument / re-amp out on the front of the Redeye 3D signal comes from the line level output of the DAW or tape machine (converted to HI z guitar level signal) to feed your guitar amp. This simple way of listening thru the chain (re-amp mode) and being able to bypass the mic pre and DAW or tape machine in the chain (DI mode) makes level adjustments a snap. This also assures you a re-amped guitar sound that will be exactly what was heard when laying down the track.

The heart of the original Red Eye was a Little Labs custom wound transformer. This transformer was chosen for its sonic character- istics and is made with the same core material and winding technique as the legendary UTC transformers found in many classic pro audio devices. The Redeye 3D features two of these excellent transformers for simultaneous direct box and re-amping use. We have also added to the Redeye direct box a very high quality, hi fi, phantom powered, high impedance (1MΩ or 10MΩ) instrument buffer. When you are using the Redeye with sensitive passive or piezo pick ups, this high quality buffer assures no tone change from loading will occur. For those who use active pick ups or prefer the sound of a passive direct box, you still have the option of plugging into the Redeye 3D direct box passively as in the original Redeye.

The Redeye 3D sounds amazing and even if you never used it for re-amping it is an incredible value just as a direct box. The Redeye 3D phantom - the now even smarter flexible audio tool to aid you in all stages of your production.


Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom is now shipping...

Just wanted to let you know the Redeye 3D Phantoms first batch will be shipped out this week to the following dealers: In the USA, Front End Audio, Cutting Edge Audio Group, Sonic Circus, and Cutting Edge Audio Group. In Europe, in the UK, Unity Audio, France, Audio Addict, and Benelux, Joystick Audio. Other dealers...

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Warm Audio WA-73 + WA-273EQ !!

...was mainly for myself but I'm sure you guys would like to hear it. Signal chain is Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt to Redeye 3D reamp box to TS808 to Peavey 6505 to Mesa Rectifier cab to SM57 to mic pre. WA73, GTQ2 and NV73 to Ensemble analog in. ISA828 and A2D using their own converters. No EQ or processing...

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Direct Box for Bass - Recommendation?

What I like and use: API DI for busy stuff for mid detail Great River for more open stuff nice and full and always run the little labs 3Deye with either mentioned above, always Mike

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