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Little Labs Monotor
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Little Labs Monotor is an audiophile headphone amplifier designed for audio engineers with state of the art active stage per channel and passive circuit topology.

The Little Labs Monotor uses a high fidelity audio path with hand wound, low distortion transformers with transformer coupled inputs. In addition it boasts a full-voltage low-noise, linear on board regulators. This results in a huge dynamic range and the ability to drive high impedance headphones without loss of volume and no noticeable hiss.

The Monotor features extensive mono monitoring options, letting you monitor either the left or right channel independently or the sum of both L+R. A Phase L-R lets you hear the sides as well giving you a full display of your stereo.


Little Labs MONOTOR.... WOW

Got a chance to have a first look at the Monotor. We've been waiting for a worthy solution to get a good headphone option in our control room from our API 3288 from 1977. None of the amps we tried were impressive. Most had their own noise and or were shaping the playback in a...

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LITTLE LABS MONOTOR™ source analyzing pro headphone amp

Dear Gearslutz Folks, I'm excited to announce the Little Labs MONOTOR™ source analyzing professional headphone amp is now shipping. I'll be running a banner ad shortly, but for now... Here are links to the tear sheet, an inquiry blurb, which tells the background of the MONOTOR, and the full operators manual. Check it out. links: links:...

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Crane Song Avocet IIA with Little Labs Monotor

The Avocet 2a headphone amp is really great. I use it every day. So is the Monotor, but I don’t think one is better than the other, particularly given that you’d be routing around your Avocet to use it. Believe me you’re not missing anything with the Avocet amp. Save your $!

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