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Linn Electronics LM-1
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Linn Electronics' LM-1 was the world's first programmable sampled-sound drum machine. Announced in 1979, this first product of Linn Electronics started a revolution in 1980s popular music. Originally sold for $5,000 each, only about 500 were ever made, but those 500 owners were a "who's who" of the music industry. The 18 fixed drum sounds were mostly recorded by local L.A. session drummer Art Wood, and sampled at only 28 kHz using an 8 bit non-linear format. Cymbals weren't included due to the high cost of long sounds. The operating system allowed both real-time loop recording of rhythm patterns as well as step entry, and introduced innovations such as quantize, swing and creating songs by chaining patterns together. See the LM-1 brochure, LM-1 ads, and a funny fake ad, all created by the company's ad artist Eric Wrobble.


Those 80's / Prince drum and perc sounds

yep... LM-1 .. prince had one of the first prototypes actually..

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Ways to get 80s sounding production?

...consolidating a few synths into TWO OUTPUTS and also warms up the sound a bit 7. My drums are linndrum, DMX, LM-1 etc.. but this is only if you want 80s electronic music 8.Synths I use are the obvious, Juno 60, prophet 5, Ob8, Polysix, dx7 etc... Mixing: 1. I start with blending the bass and the...

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The Korg Logue User Oscillator Programming Thread

Ohhh, I'm jealous... In the 90's i was about to buy an LM-1 just because it was cheap (I was more in 909 techno sound at that time) and finally I spend the money in a Juno-106, I never regretted my decision as I enjoyed the Juno a lot, but now I will love to...

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