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Lexicon LXP-15
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Experience superb sound quality and a full range of reverb, pitch
shifting, and delay effects, coupled with fast, intuitive editing of preset sounds and an industry-leading MIDI implementation.
The LXP-15 offers a rich and distinctive palette of special effects, including 128 preset effects programs to get you started. Each program has up to five display pages of variable parameters that you can adjust for subtle or dramatic changes in the program’s sound, and you can store as many as 128 customized programs in user memory. All of the LXP-15 functions are accessible from the front panel, or via MIDI, providing truly world-class flexibility and control. From pitch shifting to stereo delays and flanging, the LXP-15 delivers superior performance.
Whether you are a producer, engineer, or musician—whether you work on stage or in the studio— the LXP-15 will quickly become an indispensible part of your sound.


Favorite hw reverb for SYNTHS?

...said one thing, and sending pro sales reps to say another, from about the 1990s onward. The LXP-1, LXP-5, and LXP-15 are all quite good, as budget reverb/fx boxes go, but they omit the modulation stuff that made the Lexicon sound special. Same with anything that begins with "M". Even if it has the...

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Lexicon LXP15 vs PCM80

Hey slutz, I heard some comparison of the LXP15 and PCM80 and seem to find that LXP sounds not so far away from the PCM. I have an option to get the lxp for about 70$ or pcm80 for 350$. Do you think it is still worth getting the 80 even though lxp sounds very close and...

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Is anyone still using hardware reverb units?

...can correct. We can do that in PM. Short example here but we can sort out the details in PM: Lexicon LXP-15 vs Kurzweil V.A.S.T. + KDFX but solely from the perspective of 'Allpasses, Delays and 'mods', FDN, and focusing on those glitches, and viewing this from the perspective of FDNs and Effects synthesis only. -...

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