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LCT 840

Lewitt LCT 840
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The LCT 840 stands for exceptionally warm and classic tube sound with modern features. If you are looking for larger-than-life tube sound, look no further. The LCT 840 stands for exceptionally warm and classic tube sound. Low self-noise and high dynamic range exemplify how the LCT 840 is classic design brought into the present.


Microphone - One of a Kind - Lewitt LCT 840

This mic seems pretty interesting. Lewitt LCT 840 | Does anyone have a review / and or have samples of their vocals on this bad boy? Lewitt LCT 640 Microphone - YouTube - 640 REVIEW havent seen an 840 What does everyone think? Good mic ? Good vocal mic?

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Tell me about the Townsend Labs Sphere.

...the following LDC’s and have used, owned, and/or borrowed several of them over the years: U87Ai, U67, CM67, Kiwi, TM250, LCT840, C24 (w/brass capsules), various C414’s, U47’s, C37a. I’ve also used more than a few well known ribbons, and more dynamics and SDC’s than I care to mention. So I pretty-well know how the above mics sound...

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1 mic for acoustic guitar + vocals <$500 in a large living room?

...the typical 3 polar patterns. I believe it's a better mic than the cad on vocals. maybe a used tube lewitt LCT840, while more expensive might do very well.. it also comes with several polar patterns. howdy Cheu

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