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Model 583s

LaChapell Audio Model 583s
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500 Series Vacuum Tube-base Microphone Preamplifier


HERE IT IS! The 500 Series Shootout Files!

...the shootout as the MA-5 (gold) already had been and the only difference is the color of the faceplate La Chapelle 583s (uses a Jensen input Xformer)

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List your gear and show us your music!

Guitar amps : SM57 / 421 combo --> DBX 160X --> Lachapell 583s MK2 / Vintech 473 Bull Fiddle : SM7 on F hole --> Heritage Audio jr 73 Vocals (overdubb) : Miktek cv4 --> Lachapell 583s --> 1176 Kick : 421 --> API 3124 Snare : SM57 --> API 3124 Snare (bot) : SM57 --> SSL alpha VHD Flr...

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Preamp to compliment LaChapell 583s

Seconding RND 511. I have the 511 aNd use it a lot, but sometimes it’s a bit “hard” sounding, though who knows, maybe that’s my room or the source. So I now have a Lachapell 583s because I wanted something more “lush” sounding. I think RND 511 is a good compliment to the LaChapell.

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