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Kurzweil K2600r
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Rack version of the K2600 synthesizer. For description please see the entry for the K2600.

Professionals around the world use Kurzweil instruments for all their production needs. From film studios and composers to the U.S. Government, Kurzweil delivers the quality and award-winning audio that is required by the best.

Continuing this tradition, Kurzweil is proud to offer the K2600. Fully compatible with all K2 models that Kurzweil offers, professionals can continue their work without interruption, always confident that archived work will be compatible.

Building on Kurzweil's world-renowned operating system, the K2600 can do more than ever before. The new operating system expands the algorithms from 32 to 127 with Kurzweil's exclusive Triple Modular Processing. The K2600 is a complete workstation, allowing the user to work from concept to completion without changing stations.

Kurzweil is known for quality instruments that are upgraded, not outdated. All K2000 and K2500 Series libraries are forward compatible with the K2600. That is how Kurzweil was able to build the largest sound library in the world. In addition, Kurzweil reads other major formats directly into the system for use with its V.A.S.T. architecture. New operating systems and options are always being created, expanding an artist's power while preserving his investment in time and programming


Kurzweil PC4

...i've talked him into getting one, but now i kinda got hooked and might consider 3k6 myself. Since i got K2600R which happens to perfectly import all of the K series patches, i'm not that much worried about conversion, but i got several Kurz CD ROM's which i would donate to a colleague so...

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April 2020 New Gear Thread

...SMP-2R board. Which was then quickly removed while K2600 went into ads. I've been looking to have this board installed into my K2600R for 2 years now. Also found a PRAM board which i also plundered and installed into my 2600R. So now i finally have it. External audio intpus! This not only gives full access to KDFX,...

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The Ensoniq ESQ 1

If space is an issue then of course you do whatever works best. But I see people hankering for an M for no apparent reason, maybe only for the fact it got highlighted in some interview with a techno flavor-of-the-month dude who happened to use one (and barely knew how to use it from what...

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