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Kurzweil K2600
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Workstation sampling keyboard with 48 voice capable synth engine (called V.A.S.T.) which is a further development of the K2000. This engine can output 8 digital outputs simultaneously, on 20 bit resolution, has 60 DSP functions and is fully controllable through MIDI. It has a 12 Mb ROM of samples, upgradable to 44 Mb with ROM boards. The "S" in the name stands for sampling, and it has 64 Mb standard which can be expanded to 128 Mb. A SCSI port is provided for sample loading and export. It has 238 ROM presets and 200 in user RAM. There's a 32 track sequencer, that offers pattern, linear and step recording, and other various edit functionality. The capacity is 16 songs and 16 arrangement tracks. It has a stereo main output as well as eight individual outputs, and a digital i/o. There's a KDFX reverb and effects engine built in. The K2600 has 76 weighted keys, the K2600x has 88, both velocity and aftertouch. It was produced in 1999. There's a Rack version as well called K2600R.


Kurzweil PC4

When I had my K2600, I ended up wishing I could gut it, cut the weight to about 1/3, and just leave in enough stuff to do setups for external stuff, and of course still have the ribbons and pedal/breath inputs. It made an excellent controller. I still would like something like that from them -...

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April 2020 New Gear Thread

Found beaten up K2600 locally. With something inside that interested me - the SMP-2R board. Which was then quickly removed while K2600 went into ads. I've been looking to have this board installed into my K2600R for 2 years now. Also found a PRAM board which i also plundered and installed into my 2600R. So now i finally...

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Kurzweil K2000/K2500 differences in tone..

We have a 2500r / K2600 and a K2VXs all MIDI together --- --- we only use the samples direct out of the 8 individual outputs ( never used the effects or the sampling features ) They have been the heart of our studio >> Have since the 90's..Perfect tone...

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