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KRK Systems ROKIT 8
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8" Bi-amplified Nearfield Studio Monitor with Kevlar/Aramid Woofer, Soft-dome Tweeter, and High- and Low-frequency Controls


Prodipe Pro 8 Studio Monitors? any owners?

Do these blow the KRK Rokit 8 G2's out of the water?

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New Dynaudio LYD 48: 3-way active monitor

...some time with them and wanted to chime in. I'm coming from BM5a's, and had lots of time with various Krk rokit 8's, and Adams a7x. I've always wanted a little more low end with my previous monitors, but never wanted to get a dedicated sub. These are exactly what I've been looking for in a...

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Shade-Tree Repair Guide: Fixing the Crackling/Static in KRK Rokit peakers

It looks like mine. But mine big caps for subwoofer are from 4700uf 50V (maybe because is rokit 8 and not 6). I'm planing to change all electronic components in the BGoD area including 1/8 resistors and diodes. Let's how it goes in the end. Isopropilic alcool is the best to use in electronic pcbs. Thanks for...

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