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Trinity Plus

Korg Trinity Plus
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Trinity was released by Korg in 1995. It was also the first workstation to offer modular expansion for not only sounds, but also studio-grade feature such as SCSI, ADAT, various sound engine processors, audio recording capability, and more. It was considered one of the most comprehensive music workstations, in term of features, at the time.

Any of the models could have the following variations:

Trinity: The basic 61-key Trinity synthesizer with ACCESS synth engine, and no MOSS boards (Prophecy or Z1) installed.

Trinity Plus: Same as the Trinity, a 61-key synthesizer, however, with the SOLO-TRI Prophecy board installed (the "S" bank), using any Trinity OS below 3.00

Trinity Pro: Same as the Trinity Plus, but with a 76-key keyboard (including the SOLO-TRI Prophecy board installed).

Trinity ProX: Same as the Trinity Plus, but with an 88-key keyboard with piano action type (including the SOLO-TRI Prophecy board installed).

Trinity V3: is not only OS 3.x, but shipped with the "MOSS-TRI" Z1 board installed (the "M" bank).

SOLO-TRI: only works with OS 1 – 2.x and NOT 3.x, and the

MOSS-TRI only works with 3.x and above. These cards cannot be installed at the same time as they occupy the same expansion bay.

HDR-TRI: and SCSI-TRI cannot be installed at the same time as they occupy the same bay. (The HDR-TRI has all the feature of the SCSI-TRI)

Any Trinity can have OS 3.x installed even if the MOSS-TRI is not installed but #3 applies. (The OS is user up and downgradable using floppies)

The TR-Rack could be fitted with the DI-TRI option, which is an ADAT format-compatible digital output. This enables one to send the four audio output signals digitally to any mixer, signal processor, computer card or recorder equipped with this interface.


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...carefully today. Tracking shows delivery todaycooge I feel confident this synth will round things out for me: two virus snow, Korg Trinity Plus, TR Rack, Cs6x with DR and DX cards, RS7000 and two R8M. And now 4 analog mono synths. I'm banking on the sub oscillators being as ballsy as the bass station ii...

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Have you ever been OVERWHELMED by a classic/budget/ROMpler synth?

I've had a Korg Trinity Plus join the family The keybed is superb, aftertouch fantastic, I prefer to modern fatar. Controls expressive. The interface is better than many modern synths (looking at you jdxa). That prophecy engine.. wow.. I especially like the strings, reed and waveshaper modulated by joystick. I'll post some noodlings soon; bags of je...

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