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Korg Oasys PCI
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Open Architecture Synthesis, Effects, & Audio I/O

OASYS PCI integrates professional-quality synthesis, effects processing, and computer audio input and output into a single, professional PCI audio card - the perfect complement to any MIDI sequencer or digital audio workstation.

Much more than just an audio card, OASYS PCI offers a vast array of professional synthesis and effects processing tools, including some of the best synths and effects available at any price. Even better, it's fueled by a powerful system of dedicated DSPs, leaving your main CPU free to play back audio tracks and run host-based plug-ins. To learn more, see the OASYS PCI Overview.

If you already use a different audio I/O solution, such as MOTU PCI-324 or Digidesign ProTools, OASYS PCI adds exceptional Korg-quality synthesizers and effects to your system without burdening your CPU.


Korg Oasys PCI vs Yamaha VL1

Hi From what I've searched the Korg Oasys PCI seems to be even better than the Korg Z1 or Prophecy, making it likely the top Physical Modeling polyphonic synth available. In terms of monophonic/duophonic, the Yamaha VL1 seems to be quite well rated and from the demos I've heard, it seems indeed an amazing machine. I was...

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CEM, SEM, SSM... DSP? 56K and the future?

...NINE! - 56K chips still in active use here! That's 30 chips in seven Nord Modulars, five on a single Korg Oasys PCI card and four inside an older 56K based Symbolic Sound Kyma unit. And there might still be a few more hiding somewhere... I really feel I need to get on with my...

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Is anyone still using hardware reverb units?

...their delay line time smoothly interpolated when it is changed. I know my Line6 Echo Pro, Symetrix 606, Eventide H8000FW, Korg Oasys PCI, and Kurzweil KSP8 all have this functionality. When you change time you get pitch sweeping that sounds like tape or whalesong. " This is a very generic quote. The person clearly doesn't know...

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