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The Korg OASYS is much more than a new keyboard workstation, it's an insightful approach to making music. From the massive amounts of available control to the symbiotic relationship of MIDI and audio to the core of the futuristic design of an open architecture system, the Korg OASYS successfully marries the very best of past and current music technologies with the endless possibilities of tomorrow.

Korg OASYS at a Glance:

A next-generation workstation
Take your music from first thought to finished CD
Three powerful synth engines
Open architecture for future-proof operation
16-Track digital recording built in!
Studio-quality effects and world-class sounds
Incredibly powerful MIDI sequencer
Powerful Open Sampling system
Includes classic Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing
10.4" color TouchView display
One interface with plenty of real-time controllers
Second-generation KARMA technology built in
A next-generation workstation
Imagine a keyboard workstation that delivers a new level of musical fidelity and sound quality combined with a vast array of assignable control elements. Add to that vision a 16-track digital audio workstation, studio-quality effects, a CD-RW drive and a 10.4-inch TouchView display all powered by an ultra-fast processor, newly-developed proprietary software atop Linux underpinnings with an open architecture that promises years and years of future-proof salability and you've scratched the surface of the potential waiting for you in the most innovative keyboard workstation we've seen in a very long time - the Korg OASYS.

Take your music from first thought to finished CD
The Korg OASYS is not only an entirely new instrument, it's a completely new platform to support your musical ideas through Korg innovation for years to come. Much more than a typical keyboard workstation, the Korg OASYS delivers everything you need to take your music from first thought to finished CD. You can build your song with the OASYS' 16-channel MIDI sequencer, AND record vocals, guitars and other instruments without ever having to leave your piano bench. Plus, new synthesis methods for creating sound (EXi Expansion Instruments), new effects (EXf Expansion Effects), and additional ROM libraries (EXs Expansion Sample Libraries) can be added to the sonically-rich choices already in the OASYS, ensuring that OASYS will remain the centerpiece of your musical world well into the future

3 Powerful Synth Engines in 1!
It all begins with sound. OASYS delivers a level of realism and sound quality that is a new milestone for a professional musical instrument. OASYS contains three complete synthesis engine algorithms for your audio palette: the HD-1 High Definition PCM Synth plus two EXi Expansion Instruments - the AL-1 Analog Modeling Synth and the CX-3 Modeled Tonewheel Organ.

HD-1: PCM-based synth engine: OASYS is built around Korg's new flagship PCM-based engine called the HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer. Driven by an exacting, robust and detail-rich voice architecture, the sound of the HD-1 possesses an amazing clarity and presence; a high end that is crystal clear, but never harsh; a detailed and accurate sound that is smooth and rich across the entire audio spectrum. Fueling this engine is a staggering 616 MB of wave ROM; wave ROM that is uncompressed, and that exceeds CD audio quality. This abundant PCM library allows OASYS to capture much more of the natural detail and ornamentation that distinguishes an acoustic instrument as "real" sounding. Korg also included many stereo waveforms to preserve the natural imaging and spaciousness of acoustic sounds - especially ensemble sounds and drum kits. Other enhancements in the OASYS include many extended length samples that preserve an instrument's natural decay, and sample sets that allow instruments to speak their full voice, using up to 4-way velocity switching to recreate their complete dynamic range.

AL-1 virtual analog synth engine: The first OASYS EXi Expansion Instrument is a state-of-the-art virtual analog synth engine: the AL-1. Not content with a mere handful of modeled voices, the AL-1 delivers an unparalleled 84 notes of polyphony, capable of sounding an incredible 504 oscillators (including dual sawtooths and noise generators). This responsive synth features Korg's distinctive ultra-low aliasing oscillators that recreate all the power and glory of true analog synthesis - without the artifacts that can often plague lesser-modeled oscillators. But that's just the beginning. The AL-1 will satisfy all your vintage yearnings - and your future ones as well. The two main oscillators offer 8 flexible waveforms each, for a wide palette of modulatable shapes. Other progressive features include wave-shape morphing, a floor-thumping sub-oscillator plus a variable-color noise generator capable of white, pink, red flavors - and beyond. An adjustable drive parameter provides a distinctive character to the vintage oscillator modeling; while sync, FM, low-boost and several varieties of ring modulation offer plenty of tone-mangling power. External live audio can even be accessed as an additional signal source.

CX-3 tonewheel organ: The CX-3 tonewheel organ, one of the most accurate models of that classic organ sound ever developed, provides the third OASYS sound engine. Based on the current Korg CX-3 hardware instrument, this EXi design features dual drawbars, control over every nuance of the sound including leakage, key click, adjustable percussion, chorus/vibrato and a complete rotary speaker simulation. It also features an enhanced version of Korg's unique EX Mode which adds additional harmonics and percussion tunings, opening up a new world of "organic" timbres. The keyboard can be split to provide upper and lower manuals, each with their own drawbars. The CX-3 not only simulates the tonewheel organ itself, but the various speaker options associated with it. Korg's legendary amp modeling provides a variety of options. In recreating the sound space of the famous rotary organ speaker, the CX-3 provides individual control over numerous elements such as mic spread, rotor speed and transition time. The control surface of OASYS provides direct access to your nine drawbars via the sliders (with on-screen visual indication of their current values); switches to access the vibrato/chorus, percussion and all traditional tonewheel organ controls are laid out in a logical and familiar manner.

Open Architecture for Future-Proof Operation
From the moment you feast your eyes on the OASYS, you're acutely aware that great care has been taken to ensure a marvelous end-user controlled experience. But, it's what you CAN'T see - the heart of the OASYS - that just might make you think twice about what a workstation should be. Built on an open architecture, the OASYS comes complete with everything you loved about the past, all that you need to produce in the present and anything you can dream up in the future. Why? As a fully integrated workstation, the OASYS is fueled by new, proprietary software and an operating system that offers an immense amount of power right out of the box while looking to the future toward new instruments, sounds and yet undreamt of capabilities. The OASYS just might be the smartest investment you could make in your musical career.

16-Track digital recording built in!
In a bold first for any keyboard-based product, OASYS also offers an unprecedented 16-track audio recording studio, perfectly integrated with the sequencer's MIDI tracks. Up to four tracks of 16-bit, 48 kHz pristine and uncompressed audio can be recorded simultaneously to the 40GB internal hard drive. You can record from your choice of balanced mic/line inputs (with individual phantom power), unbalanced +4dBu line inputs, or S/PDIF digital inputs. All of the on-board effects are available in the recorder, allowing you to call up any of Korg's studio quality mic and amp models, dynamic treatments or spatial effects - a virtual cavalcade of audio gear - when recording from an outside source! The Audio Recorder sports a full mixing control surface with channel strip, automation along with track and song editing capabilities. Once again, the huge color TouchView display provides a distinct advantage for editing and mixing your tracks quickly and intuitively. The 16-track digital recorder can import and export tracks in industry-standard WAV files for maximum compatibility and portability. From simple songwriting to full-fledged productions, OASYS provides the tools you need for any audio situation.

Studio-quality effects and world-class sounds!
OASYS extends the quantity and quality of on-board effects to a new level, offering an astounding 12 Insert, 2 Master and 2 Total effects, delivering six times the processing power of the TRITON series workstations! Korg included some in-demand gems including the ToneWorks (REMS) mic, amp and speaker models; the amazing O-Verb from the OASYS-PCI card; the Chorus/Vibrato circuit from the CX-3; the silky smooth Ensemble from the Polysix plus a wealth of new effects as well as more classic Korg favorites. With 185 algorithms, the possibilities are vast. And you can even use OASYS as a 6 input/10 output real time effects processor for your other gear! But it's even better than that. In OASYS, 32 3-band EQs - each with sweepable midrange - are provided - one for each synthesizer timbre, and one for each audio playback track. This allows you to create distinctive tonal changes and shadings, without dipping into your effects resources.

But in the end, it is Korg's legendary voicing quality that is sure to impress. The international OASYS sound design team has been working for years to create hundreds and hundreds of stunning new Programs, from realistic acoustic instruments with captured performance noises, to the fat, imaginative synth sounds that Korg is known for, from signature organ sounds designed for the CX-3 by top players to cutting-edge synth sounds to exploit the incredible power of the AL-1. OASYS comes loaded with 1,152 Programs, and room for a total of 1,664 user sounds (13 Banks). All sound locations are fully editable, so you are always free to tweak a sound if needed. There are 40 drum kits provided, and room for a total of 152. These drum kits support stereo samples, 4-way velocity-switching and a 3-band EQ per drum index. As for the 16-part Combinations, 384 come preloaded, with room for a total of 1,792 (14 Banks).

Incredibly powerful MIDI sequencer
The OASYS includes Korg's acclaimed 16-track MIDI sequencer, which records up to 200 songs (400,000 MIDI notes), and all the features that have made Korg's sequencer the easiest to use are all here. One-touch setup takes you from playing a Program or Combination to "ready-to-record" status in one easy step, automatically arming tracks and routing voices behind the scenes. Song Templates contain pre-assigned effect routings and program assignments, providing one more shortcut to help you capture your creative outbursts. OASYS comes with 16 of these Song Templates, plus another 16 you can custom-tailor to your own needs. Each Template Song also provides a number of rhythm patterns - including intro, fills and endings - that you can use to instantly create a rhythm track. Real Time Pattern Play and Record (RPPR) can be used to assign sequenced Patterns to individual keys on the keyboard for an interactive performance, or to quickly build up tracks. Individual track looping lets you create smaller looped parts (such as drum grooves) within a Song. In-Track sampling allows you to add sampled audio directly into a MIDI track; resampling allows you to create new loops/grooves from your tracks.

Powerful Open Sampling system
OASYS features the same powerful Open Sampling System as first introduced on the TRITON Studio. You can sample and resample in any mode of operation, sample through effects, and much more. Cutting-edge editing tools include Time Slice, Time Stretch, Crossfade Looping, Rate Change and Normalize. An easy Auto-Setup function makes all the right sampling settings for you with the press of a finger. Stock sampling memory is over 200 MB, and can be increased to 512 MB without requiring any additional RAM (by choosing to not load the EXs-1 Expansion ROM data). Samples in Korg native format, AIFF, WAV and AKAI (S-1000/3000 with advanced Program parameter conversion) formats can be used, and internal samples can be exported as WAV or AIFF if needed.

Blast from the Past - Vector Synthesis & Wave Sequencing!
Longtime Korg fans still fondly remember Korg's revolutionary Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing technologies. Well, they're back and better than ever!

Vector Synthesis: The Vector Joystick - along with a Vector Envelope and Vector Modulation - allows for smooth blending between the two oscillators in Program mode. But the Combination mode is where the Vector Synthesis features really come alive, as you freely blend between four different mixtures of sounds to create evocative, moving timbres. Up to five Vector "positions" can be defined, and either rhythmic value (from an internal or external clock) or absolute time can be used to specify the timing between positions. This complex Vector Envelope can also be continually looped for sounds that are constantly in motion. Vector control also offers cool, user-definable modulation of many of the HD-1's parameters.

Wave Sequencing: Wave Sequences play back a series of selected waveforms over time, creating either distinctive rhythmic timbres or smooth, complex and continually evolving sounds. You can even specify the playback pitch for each step. New additions to this classic technology include greatly enhanced tempo synchronization, swing and real-time duration modulation. Additionally, dual integrated step-sequencer modulation outputs allow Wave Sequences to control virtually any Program parameter such as filter cutoff, pan, Drive, LFO speed and more. Conversely, the many OASYS Alternate Modulation Sources (AMS) can be used to manipulate Wave Sequence parameters.

10.4" color TouchView display
Once again, Korg has produced an interface that is musically intuitive, elegant, and totally comprehensive. A groundbreaking 10.4" color TouchView display gives OASYS Korg's most impressive interface ever. This adjustable-angle display is graphically rich and provides an intuitive way of working with all the possibilities OASYS offers. Not only is the color display amazingly easy on the eyes (which is important at 2AM after working on a new song all day), but it's very large AND you can control many of the displayed elements with your fingers!

One Interface to control them all!
A wealth of real-time controllers is available to support your expression and music-making. The traditional Korg joystick, dual switch and ribbon controllers are joined by an assignable Vector Joystick, 8 real-time knobs, 16 switches, 9 sliders, plus three pedal inputs. LED status indicators showing their current values augment the eight knobs and nine sliders. The nine sliders enjoy double-duty as real-time drawbars. OASYS also features eight great feeling, soft-touch and velocity-sensitive drum pads which can be used to trigger notes, controllers, or chord voicing's to use with KARMA or your own performance needs.

The control surface of OASYS has multiple modes of operation - it can be a mixer for the 16 MIDI tracks, as well as a mixing surface for the 16 audio tracks. In these modes you have control over level, panning, track select, solo, channel EQ, FX sends and more. It is also a complete real-time controller interface for sounds and KARMA parameters - and via Tone Adjust, it provides a physical interface to control internal Program parameters. In Combination and Sequence modes, Tone Adjust lets you control up to 33 different parameters for each timbre or track, for quick in-context tweaking without affecting the original Program. Finally, in External Mode the control surface can be mapped to various MIDI Controller messages to control external gear such as soft synth's, computer DAWs and other MIDI hardware. The controllers offer a choice of "jump" or "catch" behavior to match your personal preference.

Includes second-generation KARMA technology
The OASYS incorporates KARMA, Korg's revolutionary algorithmic performance technology that generates amazing phrases, grooves, and other musical effects that can be altered and randomized in real time. KARMA gives you the power to play impossible interweaving cascades of notes, techno arpeggios and effects, dense rhythmic and melodic textures, natural-sounding glissandos, intricate finger-picking and guitar-strumming, swooping portamento and pitch bend moves, to name but a few. But what KARMA really offers is inspiration. Playing with it allows OASYS to improvise with you, stretching and expanding your own creative ideas. Plus, this second generation of KARMA is much easier to use! Other enhancements include:

KARMA-based Wave Sequencing: Manipulates the playback of the actual samples that create each sound, allowing each note to access a different waveform as it is generated. You can add this great effect to a timbre quickly and easily, without having to edit any Programs!

Note Remapping: Provides a powerful way to transform drum grooves into different variations, by instantly substituting one of the thousands of available drum sounds for any other one. It can also be used to melodically transform KARMA generated notes, such as changing all major sixths to major ninths.

KARMA Generated Effects (GE): Each of the four KARMA Modules now has its own "Module Layer," where the eight sliders, eight switches, and eight scene buttons provide dedicated control over a single GE, such as a drum groove, comping gated part, etc.

Korg OASYS 88 Features:

88-key workstation with audio and MIDI recording and multiple synthesis engines
Open architecture for future-proof operation
HD-1 PCM waveform synthesis
AL-1 virtual analog synthesizer
CX-3 tone wheel organ
EXs-1 & EXs-2 Expansion ROMs INCLUDED!
16-Track digital recording powerhouse built-in
Studio-quality effects and world-class sounds
Powerful Open Sampling system
Vector Synthesis & Wave Sequencing
KARMA - Generation 2 built in
10.4" Color TouchView display
Control surface with tons of knobs and sliders


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