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JZ Microphones BH2
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JZ Microphones Black Hole BH3 a review

There seems to be a high frequency resonance on that vocal it something to do with the mic? Something whistling somewhere between 5K and 10K, especially when the singer opens up...Is it a grill or mic-body resonance? or a resonance in the capsule itself?

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Keep Rode K2 or Sell and buy higher end mic?

...Germany is not that good. Mullard My K2 with the Amperex USA PQ White Shield gold pins sounds better than the JZ BH2. With the Telefunken tube in it, it sounds similar, if not better than a lousy U87Ai. By the way Chris! EXO? I mean, it's ok, for the little league, but it can't roll with the...

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Gear exchange the classifieds. It is a ESP high end stratocaster, SPL Channel One preamp and a pair of JZ BH2 mics. Additionally I have a pair of Adam A5X nearfields brand new in box and a "monster" PC (all components in original box, not assembled) packed with windows 10 pro, cubase 9.5 pro...

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